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Open call for Pool of Representatives

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Deadline 10th September 23:59 CEST

We are launching an open call for our Pool of Representatives (PoR) to keep representing AEGEE externally! For some conferences, meetings or projects we are invited to, we would like to send an AEGEE member, but often lack financial and/or human resources for this. Running  during one term, from the 1st October 2017 to the 1st October 2018, this pool offers a solution for this thus we are updating it. Apply now to join!

We are looking for members that have an excellent understanding of what AEGEE is and that are able to represent it adequately externally.

As a member of the PoR, you will be able to represent AEGEE at conferences and meetings, in projects, and all other occasions in agreement w...

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Open call for Liaison Officers 2017-2018

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Deadline 10th September 23:59 CEST

We are excited to present you the open call for new Liaison Officers of AEGEE-Europe – who will start their term on the 1st October 2017 until the 1st October 2018. This is a unique opportunity to develop yourself and our organisation by contributing to the External Relations of AEGEE. Apply through this form until the 10th September, 23:59 CEST

The Liaison Officers are dedicated AEGEEans who maintain a link between organisations and institutions AEGEE-Europe is working with and by that have the chance to gain further knowledge on the social and political work of our organisation and the organisations they work with.

We’re looking for Liaison Officers towards the following organisations:

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Open call for Liaison Officers 2015-2016

We have the pleasure to issue an Open Call for Liaison Officers for the term of 2015-2016!

As we would like to continue AEGEE-Europe’s cooperation with international institutions simplifying the structure of the body, you can apply to become a Liaison Officer towards one of the following organisations:



– European Youth Forum:



– EESC & CoR*: and

* There will be only one Liaison Officer towards the European Economic and Social Committee and towards the Committee of the Regions of the EU.

Role of the Liaison Officers (LOs)

The LOs are appointed to maintain a link between AEGEE an...

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Activity Report Liaison Officer towards UNEP and UNFPA December/January

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Liaison Officer towards United Nations

Association des Etats Généraux des Etudiants de l’Europe


Activity Report December 2014/January 2015

David Meinel




-Mail transfer with UNEP team Vienna

-Coordination with Footprint project

-Informing network about UNEP activity and events

-Information transfer with other LOs

-Skype meeting with Liaison officers

-Skype meeting with Liaison officers and External Relations Officer

-Creating internal facebook group for LOs

-Planning further steps with LOs


Contact: David Meinel

Mob.: +49/173/6707085

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