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Data Privacy within AEGEE Explained

During Agora Rhein-Neckar the Agora requested the Comité Directeur to investigate the data privacy of our members within AEGEE through a motion. Because the Mediation Commission is the Data Privacy Ombudsman as is defined in the Corpus Iuridicum, the Comtié Directeur cooperated with the Mediation Commission to investigate the situation, look at the current pitfalls, and propose changes to further improve the Data Privacy within AEGEE. Here will try to explain what Data Privacy is, why it is important for you and all other members, after which the basic idea behind the policy is explained, then the legal structure and finally an overview and some examples of who can view your personal data.

This document is not the actual proposal but just servers as background information.

Data Privacy,...

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Data Privacy Policy Statement

Agora  Patra,  May  2014

I -­ General Provisions

Article 1: Object and Purpose

The purpose of this statement is to secure right to privacy of AEGEE members, with regard to:

a)     the gathering and automatic processing of personal data relating to them;

b)    information and all relevant data about the Association, its work and its members.

Article 2: Definitions

(1) For the purposes of this statement the following expressions shall have the meaning hereunder assign to them:

a)     “anonymous statistical data” is information collected on a categorical basis (by survey from data subjects, or from AEGEE data bases) in terms of the design of survey in such a way that the further reconstruction of the information about the data subject is not possible;

b)    “automat...

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