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Social Media Guidelines

The document of Social Media Guidelines is created with the mission to improve the way of how antennae and the Network takes care of its PR campaign. PRC has explained in this guidelines the base of having an structured way of posting in your social media channels, what you should include or how. We believe Social Media Guidelines can be really helpful to every PR member/board in your antennae and we expect this can have an impact in the PR of the Network. Don’t forget that you should apply to all this recommendations the Visual Identity Manual 2.0 . In case of any doubt, don’t hesitate to contact us by

Click here to download the Social Media Guidelines!

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#JointhePRCside – Creative kids WANTED!

‘’Hello from the PRC Side

I’d like to see no bad design,

And no bad logos,

or horrible post

and help you through all the work you’re on’’


If you’d like to sing louder than Adele this lyrics, you’re the ONE we’re searching for.

OK, but now stop singing, please. We know you are.

Are you still singing? We already love you, continue below!

Join our mission: making AEGEE more social, more cool, more awesome, more whateveryoulike but #VIfriendly!

The infamous #PRfreaks and #VIfreaks are waiting you in the coolest band of the block (we’re not the coolest kid anymore, we grew up, or maybe we don’t).

BTW, here are the task force team you could join:

  • Social Media Team – People that have serious addiction to Social Media
  • Visual Identity Team – the infamous #VIfreak...
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[WANTED] Creative minds [WANTED]

Do you record everything just in case you could make a promo with that footage?

Do you hate anything written in Comic Sans and facepalm a lot on “WordArts”?

Do you hate when people doesn’t know how to use #social #networks and uses #hashtags everywhere? #facepalm #wtfpeople #vote4trump

If you answered “yes” or “maybe” to any of these questions, then read further! #awesomenessawaits

PRC, the Public Relations Committee of AEGEE-Europe (yea, sounds kinda important) is looking for you!


YES, YOU! Dammit stop looking around, you are the only person looking at your screen (beware of the NSA, though).

So yes, we are talking TO YOU.

But, what is this stuff about? See, fella, we are looking for creative minds… and you might fit in to one of our Task Force Teams. Have a look:

  • Social...
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Agora Kyïv is approaching… do you want to be at the AEGEE Fair?

The next AEGEE-Fair at Autumn Agora Kyïv will be quite special… since it will be opened to local students! Are you ready to present your body/project both to AEGEE and non-AEGEE members? This is the perfect chance to show how amazing you are at the “Youth aVenue: Your European Opportunities”, the name that our Fair will have for local Students.


But in order to export your awesomeness to the Ukrainian students, you shall apply for a spot in the Fair! How to do it? Just fill in the form you have below before Sunday September the 20th 23:59 CET:

Also, if you want to be part of the AEGEE-Fair coordination team, you can sing in here. We are looking for people who are motivated, creative and enthusiastic! Us...

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Check if your local follows the Visual Identity and give your imput to improve it!

Were you at the Spring AgorAsturias 2015? Then you might remember Mayri and Gerar talking on stage about the Visual Identity Check #crymeariver. Then some of you attended to the Progress Meeting of the Public Relations Committee and gave valuable feedback and posed interesting questions regarding the Visual Identity of AEGEE-Europe.

If you weren’t, no prob. We’ve been #workinghard these months in order to deliver you the results (local per local) of this checking, so now you have a chance to check if your local follows the Visual Identity together with explanations on what is the suggested way of using the Visual Identity.


You can find the document on Intranet (login required) by clicking here.

But that’s not all! What is more, in order to improve the Visual Identity Manual (VIM), we woul...

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WE WANT YOU to empower the European Bodies of AEGEE-Europe

Are you worried about the lack of participation in the European Bodies?

Is your European body lacking members?

Do you have members but can’t figure out how to activate them?

Can’t motivate your local members to join a body and stop thinking that AEGEE is just a partouza?


The Public Relations Committee (PRC) is looking for some heroes that would like to carry out a visibility campaign for all the European Bodies, to promote their work, the importance and benefits of active participation in the international teams and bodies. Are you up for the task?

If you are creative, motivated and enthusiastic, ready to work with different European bodies, support them and carry out the campaign… WE WANT YOU!

Also, if you hav...

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New Speaker Team and new activity plan of PRC

The Public Relations Committee of AEGEE-Europe has been busy with drafting its activity plan for the next couple of months, but we have also found the time to elect our new speaker team:
Speaker: Réka Salamon (AEGEE-Aachen/AEGEE-Debrecen)
Vice-Speaker: Panagiotis Barlampas (AEGEE-Athina)
The Speaker Team is supported by Miguel Gallardo Albajar, the CD appointed responsible.
You can reach the Speaker Team by writing to
Some of the Activities of PRC for the upcoming months:
  1. PRESS Team: Together with The AEGEEan and with the contribution of other european level bodies and the local organisers, we have established the official Facebook group of EBM LublinThe organisers and the Chair Team will also include this information in their emails to the participants...
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Welcome to the Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations Committee (PRC) is a body of AEGEE-Europe responsible for supporting the network in the field of Public Relations and communications. It was installed in October 2010, by the Agora Istanbul.

Its mission is to increase the visibility and impact of the actions carried out within the AEGEE network.

The members of the PRC are creative and enthousiastic individuals interested in media, journalism, design and related fields.
You can browse through the website to learn more about us. If you have any questions about the PRC, do not hesitate to contact us!

Structure of the PRC

The Public Relations Committee of AEGEE-Europe is coordinated by the Speaker Team which consists of

  • Speaker,
  • Vice-Speaker responsible for Human Resources and
  • an appointed member from the 
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