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Introducing the new system of planning and organising AEGEE events

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You have already heard there are going to be some changes regarding event organising in AEGEE. And you might have also heard one of the committees was reformed and will help the locals in planning an event, provide them with certain guidelines for a quality event, aid the cooperation between locals and the european level bodies of AEGEE – all this to enhance the real potential of our diverse Network organising so many different types of events, but with one main goal: spreading AEGEE spirit!

Watch our PREZI and learn more about our work!

Introducing the Quality Assurance Committee, please take a look at our introductory presentation and read the Quality Events Manual with our tips and guidelines to make sure you plan everything for your event and so it will become as successful as you wa...

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Quality Events Manual – How to organise your event?


The Quality Assurance Committee is proud to present the Quality Events Manual,
which contains all the necessary information for you and your locals about event organising
and hosting a successful event!

The Manual aims to guide you through the stages of organising an event, from the planning phase,
through developping the thematics to how to maintain cooperation and efficient communication among
organisers, participants, trainers etc.

Among other things, you can also take a look at the Quality Indicators – 10 steps for organising a quality event! –
which is providing you with all the necessary information and a step-by-step explanation of organising your event.

You can download the Quality Events Manual through the link.

Enjoy reading and looking forward to receiving your event applica...

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Welcome to the Quality Assurance Committee!

The Quality Assurance Committee of AEGEE-Europe aims to support locals and organisers to ensure a better quality of events taking place in the AEGEE Network. Providing guidelines, quality indicators, assessment and evaluation forms, the Quality Assurance Committee’s main field of tasks consists of:

  • Help the locals with event planning, cooperation with European level bodies and promotion of events
  • Increase the quality of events regarding content and logistics
  • Have a better overview of AEGEE events for an easier impact measurement process
  • Improve educational events to aid the recognition of Non-Formal Educational methods

You can find out more about our objectives and functioning in our Introductory Prezi.

Contact us at: and start filling in your local’s event cale...

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