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Accepting people with disabilities: Let’s give everyone something to choose from!


As we already announced this year disabled people will be able to select among all the SUs as everyone agreeing on the fact that it will be up to organizers to decide to accept them or no. Oganizers will receive their application and the letter from SUCT suggesting to think of acceptance of this participant. The important thing is that even after considering all the pros and cons organizers have a right not to accept this participant.

But before thinking of pros and cons, let’s first make a small investigation and read what is a Disability?

According to the World Health Organisation, a disability is… “any restriction or lack (resulting from any impairment) of ability to perform an activity in the manner or within the range considered normal for a human being”...

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When two heads are better than one


The wonderful time of brainstorming, creating the route and imagining the perfect Summer University has started officially. Main coordinators, Incoming Responsible and Treasurers of every local that would like to organize any type of SU have to be chosen to submit the information about the dates, program, learning objectives and many other things until the 12 of January. To make the team’s life a bit easier Working Groups and Project Teams are here to help you with the ideas of the theme and all the following information. And SUCT is here to explain what benefits you will have.

  1. More focus on the theme

One of the strongest reasons for the collaboration is the help from any WG/PT with focusion on the theme. Let’s see what themes do we have this year and how different WG/PT can help you:

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SUCT 2013-2014 Internal Meeting: Work hard, play hard

There is a very good proverb almost in every language which in English sounds like «repair your cart in December; in July your sledge remember» meaning if you want to get the result in the nearest future you have to start working on it now. The best result and a lot of improvements are the aims of new Summer University Coordination Team elected on amazing autumn Agora Zaragoza 2013. Having not that much time to rest after statutory event we went to the internal meeting in the CD House, to Brussels, Belgium.

Fantastic four – Francesca Russo, Project Manager (president of AEGEE-Padova), Gerardo Garcia Diaz, Publication Responsible (PR Responsible of AEGEE-Oviedo), me, Anna Pykhtina, PR-Responsible (PR Responsible of AEGEE-Kyiv) and Andrea Nostro, IT-Responsible (president of AEGEE-R...

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