CEWG Newsletter is out and ECI task force is forming


First newsletter our Civic Education Working Group was sent. You can read it here. Inside you can find summary of our work until now, some calls to actions, updated on what is happening in the topic of civic education in Europe and some words of wisdom from our Policy Officer.

CAUTION! The exercise instruction link in the newsletter send by email was wrong. Proper link you can find here and in the new version on the newsletter that is linked above. Sorry for inconvenience.

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Another good news is that we are forming our European Citizens’ Initiative task force and you will hear a lot from us soon. The level of application was very high, it might be legendary!

Selected team: Esther, Guido, Joanna, Matthijs, Pablo, Paul, Richard, Stefania, Tahsin, Tessa. Below you can see 8 out of 10 members of the task force. The C is strong in them!



Stay Civic, Stay Educated!

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