Describe your ideal political system and win an Interrail ticket





How would you organize the government of a country? Is the government really needed? Do you believe in a philosophy that the government and political system is based on? Which one?

Share your opinion and win an InterRail ticket! The Civic Education Working Group is organising an Essay Competition with the title: “What does the ideal political system look like?”.

Note that under political systems we do not only understand democracy, monarchy, autocracy or socialism. Try to think about the different ways to organize a democratic society such as parliamentarian or presidential systems, direct or representative democracy. Is two-house parliament or federal state your ideal system? Or maybe you like the constitutional monarchies?

How to participate?

Write a 2-7 page long essay and organize an interesting activity  (discussion at your weekly meeting, workshop, debate, conference,) in your local on the topic “the ideal political system”.

Requirements for the essays:

  • Length: 2-7 pages (1000-3500 words)
  • Language: English
  • Graphics can be included or  audiovisual materials can be attached, but not required
  • When putting references (highly advisable, but not required) use Harvard style references
  • Remember: Quality (original ideas, solutions, good reasoning) in more important than quantity

Requirements for the activity:

  • Topic related to political systems.
  • At least 10 participants (it can be AEGEE members but does not have to!).
  • Organized by the 10th February.

Application deadline: 10th January 2018 23:59 via this form (submit the title, short summary and the date of the activity on the topic organized in your local).

Essay submission and activity organization deadline: 10th February (submit the final essay and send us pictures, description of the event in your local).

Winner of the competition will be awarded Interrial Ticket and the best works will be published in The AEGEEan Magazine.

Please note that the Interrail Ticket has to be used in 2018 and it can be used for 10 days travel within a one month period, not within the country of residence.

In case of questions contact:

Stay civic and write your essays!

Civically yours,

On behalf of Civic Education Working Group

Júlia Hanesz

Coordinator of the competition and Policy Officer

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