Check if your local follows the Visual Identity and give your imput to improve it!

Were you at the Spring AgorAsturias 2015? Then you might remember Mayri and Gerar talking on stage about the Visual Identity Check #crymeariver. Then some of you attended to the Progress Meeting of the Public Relations Committee and gave valuable feedback and posed interesting questions regarding the Visual Identity of AEGEE-Europe.

If you weren’t, no prob. We’ve been #workinghard these months in order to deliver you the results (local per local) of this checking, so now you have a chance to check if your local follows the Visual Identity together with explanations on what is the suggested way of using the Visual Identity.


You can find the document on Intranet (login required) by clicking here.

But that’s not all! What is more, in order to improve the Visual Identity Manual (VIM), we would kindly ask you to fill in THIS SURVEY to give feedback on the challenges you are facing while implementing the Visual Identity.

PRC is working on an updated version of the VIM #teaser, focusing on making it more clear, understandable and easy to implement for the Network. Do you dare to help us with this?

Accept the challenge and improve your organisation!

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