CIA v.31.1

Dear  Network,

It is our utmost pleasure to present you the latest edition of the Corpus Iuridicum AEGEEnse (v.31.1)

In the General Rules*, you can find the Statutes and internal regulations of AEGEE-Europe with the proposals approved at the Online Autumn Agora 2020.

The most latest updated working formats of AEGEE Europe’s OrganCIA31.1.1generalruless and its partner association are in the Working Formats Compilation.

The List of Motions includes all currently active motions voted by Agorae since 2011.

I address my warmest gratitude to everyone involved in the process; especially the JC Subcommissioners Teodora Panuș and Maide Özcan, who dedicated their time and efforts to improve this CIA.

We hope that the new CIA will be an inspiration for your activities, plans, and challenges in AEGEE for the upcoming term!

Juridically yours,

Heiko Kirchner
Juridical Commission of AEGEE-Europe

*The document was updated in April 2021, accounting for the correction of editorial mistakes made in the previous publication (see also the related mail to announce-l from 10th April 2021). Please only take into account this corrected version.

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