CIA v27.1

Dear Network,

It is our utmost pleasure to present you the new edition of the Corpus Iuridicum Aegeense.

In the General Rules you can find the statutes and regulation of AEGEE-Europe with the proposals approved at the Autumn Agora Chișinău 2016. The most updated working formats of the Comité Directeur, commissions and committees are in the Working Formats Compilation. In the List of Motions you can find all motions since 2011 that are in the online system.

We wish to take advantage of the opportunity to thank all those, who contributed to the improvement of the CIA with the ideas, fervore and experience they shared. This as any other published version, would not be possible without your strong input and concern. It is a truly pleasure to create this CIA together with you and build the future of our association.

Always stay inspired, positive and never stop believe in your ideas.

Remember that Juridical Commission will stand beside you to serve with our guidance, assistance and suppor. Do not hesitate to contact us in any circumstance.

Legally yours

Monika, Elisa and Joris

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