AEGEE House Rules

General rules:

In order to keep the AEGEE house a pleasant working and living place for its inhabitants, the Comité Directeur has decided to keep the number of guest per night at four persons maximum. Moreover, we would kindly ask you not to stay for more than three nights in a row. Exceptions can be granted for working visits.

Each guest will be asked to pay a fee of 5 euro for the stay. This money will be used for the maintenance of the house. Besides that, each guest will be asked to give 10 EUR as deposit, which s/he will get back when he leaves, under the condition that s/he has respected the rules that you can find below. You are free to decide to donate this money, or part of it, to the Social Responsibility Fund that AEGEE-Europe is implementing, and therefore, support our effort to allow AEGEE members who do not have enough financial resources to also take part in important meetings and projects.

Request to come to the house

If you are an AEGEEan, you may be interested to stop by the AEGEE house in Brussels. The house is where the seven elected members of the Comité Directeur are working and living, but it is also open for you, if you wish to visit us. If you are interested to come, please fill in the application form, and we will come back to you with a confirmation in the next days. Requests made less than a week before the date may not be accepted.

Once you are here, you have to bear in mind that:

  • The house is a non-smoking place. If you want to smoke, you will have to do it in the garden or any other outdoor place.
  • In the house there are no locks: when you see a closed door, remember that you have to always knock!
  • Guests are not allowed to enter private rooms without permission.
  • For guests, there is a special fridge and special shelves, where you can store what you buy. Please don’t make use of the CD fridge and shelves.
  • If it’s a working day, please do not occupy the shower from 7.30 to 9.00 in the morning (CD members should start their working day on time)
  • Do not talk loud after 22.30, we have very sensitive neighbours. If you want to have a conversation with other people during the night– you can make use of the social basement


CD members are living in this house, and for this reason, we would like to ask you to respect their working and living place, by always cleaning after yourself, whether it is in the kitchen or other common places you will use (social room, bathroom, toilets…) We are quite strict on this point, and in case you do not respect it, you or your group will not be able to take back the deposit.

Please, be careful with garbage: paper goes into yellow bags. Plastic cans and paper package from drinks – to blue ones, other garbage – white bags. Please always ask for advice from one of the CD members as the rules in Belgium may differ to those of your own country.

Also in order to keep the house clean, please do not put your antenna’s stickers all around the house. There is a special shelf in the guest room that you are welcome to use for your stickers.

In case of repeatedly breaking of the rules, compromising the safety of the house, disrespecting other AEGEE members, or violating the principles of AEGEE, we will not welcome you in the house anymore.