About Chair Team

The Ch10983407_757318974337469_8379493023808395098_nair Team is responsible for the preparation and coordination of two Agorae and one European Boards’ Meeting, the three statutory meetings of AEGEE that take place every year. The Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson preside over the meeting, the Secretary is responsible for collecting and taking the minutes of all the sessions and the IT responsible takes care of the technology needed during the events. Furthermore the Chair Team can appoint assistants and shadowers to help them with the execution of its tasks. Coordination means being the link between the local organizers (doing the logistics), the Comité Directeur, the Juridical Commission and all participants before and during the event. Preparation refers to the tasks listed below.

For the Chair Team planning a statutory event usually starts 3-4 months before the event takes place. The Chair comes into office the day after the Autumn Agora and is responsible for all statutory events in one calendar year. The Chair Team consists of: Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary and IT responsible and can be assisted by assistants (AEGEE Fair assistant). The Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary and IT Responsible are reimbursed for their travel expenses to statutory events.

The tasks of the Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson, usually taken care of together with other members of the Chair Team, include:

  • working closely together with the Comité Directeur on the preparation of strategic and thematic planning and working closely together with the Juridical Commission on inclusion of proposals to change the Corpus Iuridicum AEGEEense in the agenda
  • drafting a time-line for the content preparation of the Agora and dispersing it to all parties involved
  • assuring that all logistical requirements for the execution of the Agenda are met (rooms, facilities, materials) in close cooperation with the local organizers
  • issuing open calls for participants and workshops
  • Chair Meeting before every statutory event (also with JC and Secretary General) to draft the agenda
  • drafting an agenda that respects statutory requirements and meets the needs of the Network (such as prytania, reports, signing of contacts)
  • selecting workshops
  • managing the application system & selecting participants
  • presiding over the Agora/EBM (in accordance to the rules of procedure set out by the CIA, common parliamentary procedure and motions of the Agora, improvising and adopting the agenda to all sorts of unexpected events)
  • answering to many emails to clarify, explain and announce matters to bodies of AEGEE-Europe, individual members and externals

The Secretary of the Agora is responsible for the minutes of the Agora/the EBM. The Secretary takes the minutes during the plenaries and appoints minute-takers (assistants) for every session. After the Agora he/she compiles the minutes and publishes them. If they are published within two months after the Agora (for the Agora minutes) or latest two weeks in advance of Spring Agora (for the EBM minutes), the Secretary is entitled for reimbursement of her/his travel cost to the statutory meeting. The Secretary is appointed by the Chair Team. He or she is responsible for taking and publishing the minutes of the Spring Agora and the following Autumn Agora.

The IT responsible is part of the Chair Team and supports it by developing and managing a system to run presentations during the statutory events, by setting technical requirements for presentations, by collecting and checking all presentations that are handed in and by setting up a network at the Chair table in the plenary hall. The IT Responsible can also support the Chair Team in other (technical) areas when there is a need for it. Its tasks are not necessarily limited to IT. The IT Responsible is usually appointed for the whole term including three statutory events. The IT assistant gets its travel expenses to statutory meetings reimbursed.

The Chair Team appoints assistants for chairing Prytania, as well as secretary assistants for making minutes. The AEGEE Fair assistant is responsible for the development and coordination of the AEGEE Fair. This includes developing a program in cooperation with the Comité Directeur, taking care of the PR of the AEGEE Fair. The AEGEE Fair involvement of as many bodies of AEGEE-Europe as possible.