About Juridical Commission


  • Assisting the Comité Directeur and the Agora
  • Verifying the conformity of the Statutes of each AEGEE local with the model defined by AEGEE-Europe, as well as the application of these Statutes
  • Verifying the signing of the Convention d’Adhésion
  • Integrating the modifications of the Statutes adopted by the Agora
  • Presenting a report during the Agora via its President


The JC is an entity which seeks to regulate the internal functioning of the association, within the same framework as provided by our Statutes (the CIA). For many special legal issues arising, AEGEE-Europe employs a Belgian lawyer. Following the normal course of matters, the CD would ask for a preliminary opinion from the JC on a particular issue in point, when it comes to just mere information, but actual legal counselling is sought from a lawyer practicing under the Belgian law. Besides working on the CIA, the JC also takes care that all procedures during statutory meetings are done according to the Statutes and therefore legally valid.