Getting Involved in Juridical Commission

The Juridical Commission consists of three members: two AEGEE members with legal knowledge elected at the Agora, and one member appointed by the Comité Directeur out of the Commission’s members. These members are chosen at the Spring Agora and have a one year mandate. In order to become part of the JC, an AEGEE member with such interest should run for such a position during the Agora. However, there is also the possibility of becoming a subcommissioner of the Juridical Commission. The number of such positions depends on the JC and they are made available via open calls.

Taking note of the extensive work that the Juridical Commission needs to cover in a short period of time, with only three people involved, the idea is to have a selected number of law students, with different legal backgrounds, to aid in the process, while at the same time gaining insight of the work. This would be the most adequate preparation and acquaintance with the role and functions of the JC prior to any eventual involvement. In fact, depending on the issues on the agenda, the JC subommissioners would be dealing with a variety of tasks, ranging from monitoring Working Group Digital Elections to help in the electoral procedure, to counting ballot papers during an Agora, and to collecting data for the JC archive.