About Mediation Commission

The Mediation Commission (former Members Commission) acts in case a dispute occurs between members of AEGEE-Europe (locals, AEGEE Working Groups), and is responsible for making decisions in these cases, occasionally leading to disciplinary sanctions against the ordinary member of AEGEE-Europe. After carrying out an investigation, the Mediation Commission can suggest sanctions (including expulsion of a local from the Network) to be applied by the Comité Directeur and after by ratification of the Agora. In other words, in case there is a violation of the CIA, financial regulations, national law etc. by the ordinary member, the MedCom is activated. It can be actived by:

  • Official request of at least two of the following organs of AEGEE-Europe: Comité Directeur, Network Commission, Audit Commission and Juridical Commission; a request cannot come from the Comité Directeur and the Juridical Commission only;
  • Official request signed by at least ten (10) ordinary members vested with full voting rights during statutory meetings.

The Mediation Commission can be addressed by any person or body in AEGEE in order to act as a mediator. If this request is accepted by the Mediation Commission, it acts with an advisory function, but has no power to take decisions. No formal request is needed in this case. Furthermore, the Mediation Commission is acting as an ombudsman for the data privacy issues, as regulated in the Data Privacy Statement, Annex 1 of the CIA.