Local Training Course

Dear local,

This page will guide you in all the process you should follow when organising a Local Training Course and all the requirements for fulfilling the following Antenna Criterion:

(i) Have organised a Local Training Course at least once within the last year.

(ii) The organisation of the Local Training Course is monitored and approved by the Network Commission, or another organ or ordinary member of AEGEE-Europe approved by the Comité Directeur;


What is the scope of this criterion?

  • Making the members aware of what is AEGEE and their possibilities in our association
  • Providing the members with the necessary skills to be good active members and organize events in their local
  • Conscientising the boards of their responsibility to educate the members

Moreover, you can check the concept of a Local Training Course in CIA Events Art.3

Please make sure to follow all the steps mentioned.


LTC Submission

By submitting this form at latest 2 weeks prior to your LTC you inform the Network Commission about your intention to organize this training.


Please fill out the form

Next Steps

Your Network Commissioner will contact you soon and will be there to support you.

What should you do now?

  • Take care of all logistics: Meeting rooms, coffee breaks/meals, lodging…
  • Finding participants: Reach all your members or particular targets personally, promote within your university/city to attract non members, see if any members from nearby locals would like to join, …
  • Distribute and collect Impact Measurement Questionnaire 1 from your expected participants to be more aware of their level of knowledge. You can use the form template for easier reach.
  • Have a look into the Internal Education page and the different packages of LTC1 and LTC2
  • Finding trainers and outlining all sessions taking into account the needs of your local.
  • Prepare and distribute the Attendance Certificates to meritful participants.
  • Distribute and collect the Impact Measurement forms provided in the package at the end of the LTC.
  • Analyse all the Impact Measurement forms, summarize them and submit the average in the form below.
  • Fill in the following LTC Evaluation Form within 1 week after the LTC


LTC Evaluation


Please fill out the form

Impact Measurement

Calculate the average of all the responses of each Impact Measurement Questionnaire and submit the summary in the form below. This will help AEGEE-Europe to be more aware of its members’ knowledge.
Analyse this information to learn which sessions has been most effective and the level of knowledge your members now have.