Mentorship System

The Mentorship System is a project that offers help to new locals or weak ones. The main idea behind the Mentorship System Project is to give experienced locals the chance to share their practices with inexperienced locals that need help. This way a possibility for collaboration between the two locals is given.

The experienced local is “Mentor Local” and the inexperienced one is “Mentee Local”.

Let the Mentees know they can count on you!

When you make the first move, don’t forget to tell the Mentee Local that you can help in many ways and that you offer much more than simple advices – if you accepted to be a Mentor Local already, it is not difficult for you to take some time for new local, as you are doing for your own members. Show them what AEGEE spirit means, and try to get closer so they can feel as the part of AEGEE family.



Our current Mentorships:

Mentor                         Mentee

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