Twin Antennae

The Network Commission wants to establish the Twin Antenna project to improve cooperation and communication within the Network. Combining forces and the experience of two different locals offers them the possibility to support each other, solve problems together and organise common activities. It is the Network Commission’s goal to involve more people in constant cross-border cooperation, bring the Network closer together and eventually strengthen our internal structure with this project. The Network Commission believes that AEGEE is a network of friends and establishing friendships is the best way to serve its purpose.

Every AEGEE antenna is eligible to become a Twin Antenna, all you need to do is to find a suitable Twin who also wants to collaborate with your antenna. But what can be done as a Twin Antenna and why should an antenna embark on this project? The main aim of a Twin Antenna is to create a greater sense of friendship between two antennae. This can be done at any statutory meeting (Agora or EPM) where you can decide to form a twinning agreement with another antenna. Surely, this will only bring happiness to the Agora, especially to the two antennae involved.

Currently, in the Twin Antenna Project are taking place the following Twin relations:

Tartu ♥ Eindhoven
Sankt-Peterburg ♥ Torino
Bamberg ♥ Cagliari
Izmir ♥ Athina
A Coruña ♥ Brescia
Novi Sad ♥ Genova