Data Privacy Committee


The aim of the committee is to support AEGEE-Europe’s path to compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation, a new set of EU regulations that came into force on 25th of May 2018.

The main activities: Create an overview of data flows and establish a register of processing operations; develop a data breach protocol including a register of data breaches and processing agreements contracts for third parties; answer questions relevant for the implementation of the GDPR and etc.

You can contact us via

Members of the committee are:

Veronika Chmelarova (AEGEE-London) – Speaker of the Committee

Elena Efremova (AEGEE-Grodno & AEGEE-Moskva) – Vice-Speaker of the Committee

Paul Smits (AEGEE-Enschede)
Stas Mahula (AEGEE-Kyiv)
Clemens Adler (AEGEE-Karlsruhe)
Philipp von Klitzing (AEGEE-Aachen)
Jesus Perez Gil (AEGEE-Bilbao)

Bor de Kock

CD appointed member: Monika Mojak (AEGEE-Warszawa)