About Information Technology Committee

The Information Technology Committee (ITC) is a supportive body of AEGEE-Europe and its members. It’s primary aim is to help AEGEE with anything related to IT. The ITC consists of individuals responsible for the IT infrastructure of AEGEE-Europe and related services and projects.

Established in: 2010

Main aims and tasks:

  • Supporting AEGEE in anything related to IT
  • Maintaining AEGEE hardware
  • Offering support to users
  • Creating new features for AEGEE members
  • Using the IT budget effectively
  • Acting as a platform for IT related discussions
  • Consulting and supporting other AEGEE entities


  • ITC Mail Team: administrating the mail server and the mailing lists
  • ITC Head Office Team: administrating the Head Office servers and computers
  • ITC Server Admin Team: administrating the servers of AEGEE-Europe
  • ITC myAEGEE Team: administrating the myAEGEE intranet system and providing support to its users
  • ITC Online Membership System Team: developing and supporting the future IT system
  • Supporting other AEGEE bodies with project based IT services (e.g. the Summer University website)
  • Organising training courses and human resources related activities


The Information Technology Committee is the descendant of the Information Technology Working Group, created after the structural reforms that happened at Spring Agora Leiden 2010. It is a Committee with the aim of supporting AEGEE in anything related to IT. It consists of AEGEE members who already have or want to acquire some expertise in the field of Information Technology. Divided into different task forces, the members manage and develop the IT infrastructure of AEGEE-Europe.