Getting Involved in Information Technology Committee

The ITC is a supporting committee, so it has the need of people who can work on IT issues, who can perform tasks for another body, designing something small such as a poster, or helping with the design of a website. Regular members interested in joining the mailing list, should previously fill out a form related to their skills. This is a tool that increases the ITC’s knowledge of what its members are capable of, making it easier to structure the work in accordance to the skills of the different members of the Committee.


The board consists of three members, one Speaker and two Vice-Speakers, who have a one year mandate each.

Related fields of study:

  • Informatics
  • Design

Working methods:

E-mails, Skype meetings, sharing data systems (Google docs, Dropbox, etc).

Amount of work required:

All members interested in joining the ITC should take into consideration that members need about 1-2 hours a week for Skype meetings and about 3.5 hours a week for reading and responding to e-mails concerning IT matters.