About the Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations Committee (PRC) was established in October 2010, during Agora Istanbul, at the initiative of Michael Makowiecki, former Communications Director of AEGEE-Europe, for the term 2010/2011.

The PRC as a body of AEGEE-Europe is responsible for supporting the Network in the field of Public Relations and communication, mainly offering services like general PR assistance, graphic design, promotion etc, but it can also carry out its own initiatives.

The PRC is not a learning platform in the first place, but a gathering of people with a big interest in PR, who have already gained some experience.

One of the most well-known achievements on the PRC is the establishment of an online magazine for AEGEE, The AEGEEan. However, the PRC has also been working on a set of communication guidelines for the whole Network (Visual Identity Manual 2.0 , Social Media Guidelines), supporting the work of the Comité Directeur with the creation of PR materials, as well as designing PR materials for Projects and European Bodies.