PRC Team | Get Involved

The PRC is coordinated by the Speaker Team, which consists of a Speaker, a Vice-Speaker and an appointed member of the Comité Directeur. Each PRC member is working for at least one of task force teams. You might fit into one of them, have a look:

We call them #VIfreaks, as they know how to use the Visual Identity and make others love it as well.

People who eat social networks for breakfast and would like to have PRC ones as a snack.

People who only see vectors and pixels, and can convert ideas into awesome designs.

PRC experts, ones who developed PRC and alwaysl are ready to help

Before each statutory event, we recruit the team to manage the AEGEE Fair in cooperation with organisers and CD

How you can get involved?

New creative minds are always welcome in our Committee, we have a lot of plans for the further development of the PR strategy of AEGEE!  If you feel like joining to a Committee, take the chance right now – application form is open for the whole year.

If you have questions regarding our work – feel free to contact us via mail:

Who are the current team?

Speaker Team
Maria Martynova, AEGEE-Voronezh – Speaker
Diego Vidale, AEGEE-Brescia – Vice-Speaker
Alejandra Piot Pérez-Abadín – CD appointed  member

Aleksandra Kipriyanova, AEGEE-Sankt-Peterburg
Anna Ermakova, AEGEE-Moskva
Antonia von Richthofen, AEGEE-Dresden
Assad Zaffar, AEGEE-Roma
Cansu Kutlu, AEGEE-Istanbul
Elena Agulló, AEGEE-Alicante
Eva Billen, AEGEE-Maastricht
Flavio Junio, AEGEE-Vigo
Gabriele Nicotra, AEGEE-Catania
Heper Sayar, AEGEE-Istanbul
Justyna Kobierecka, AEGEE-Poznan
Ksenia Lupanova, AEGEE-Moskva
Leonardo Manganelli, AEGEE-Frankfurt am Main
Marina Musetescu, AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca
Ongun Batuhan Altan, AEGEE-Eskişehir
Roberto Meneghetti, AEGEE-Torino
Stanislav Mahula, AEGEE-Kyïv

Advisory Team
Fabrizio Bellicano, AEGEE-Genova
Gerardo Garcia Diaz, AEGEE-Oviedo
Jorge Sánchez, AEGEE-Dresden
Lorenzo Ligas, AEGEE-Cagliari
Mayri Tiido, AEGEE-Tartu