About Events Quality Assurance Committee

Main aims and tasks:

  • Improving the quality and impact of all the events listed in the Calendar of Events of AEGEE-Europe
  • Assisting, supporting and training event organisers at the local and European level of AEGEE
  • Leading the evaluation process after each European or AEGEE event


  • Evaluating applications to organise European and AEGEE Events
  • Publishing approved applications in the Calendar of Events of AEGEE-Europe
  • Moderating the AEGEE-EVENT-L mailing list
  • Contacting, helping and supporting participants and/or organisers in case of questions or problems
  • Conducting evaluations of the events based on the feedback received from participants and organisers
  • Suggesting the appropriate measures in case an event has failed to meet the standards of quality


The EQAC was created in the spring of 2011 in order to help out the Comité Directeur to improve the quality and impact of AEGEE’s international events.