[WANTED] Creative minds [WANTED]

Do you record everything just in case you could make a promo with that footage?

Do you hate anything written in Comic Sans and facepalm a lot on “WordArts”?

Do you hate when people doesn’t know how to use #social #networks and uses #hashtags everywhere? #facepalm #wtfpeople #vote4trump

If you answered “yes” or “maybe” to any of these questions, then read further! #awesomenessawaits

PRC, the Public Relations Committee of AEGEE-Europe (yea, sounds kinda important) is looking for you!


YES, YOU! Dammit stop looking around, you are the only person looking at your screen (beware of the NSA, though).

So yes, we are talking TO YOU.

But, what is this stuff about? See, fella, we are looking for creative minds… and you might fit in to one of our Task Force Teams. Have a look:

  • Social Media Team – People who eat social networks for breakfast and would like to have PRC ones as a snack.
  • PR+HR Team – People who are natural promoters and headhunters and like fresh blood.
  • Visual Identity Team – People who call themselves #VIfreaks, that know how to use the Visual Identity of AEGEE-Europe and want to make others to love it as well.
  • Design Team – People who only see vectors and pixels, and can convert ideas into art.

Apply filling in the form you will find at THIS link and join our squad. We’re the coolest kids of the block (or at least that’s what mom says).

Like what you see? Maybe you want to know more about what would you do if you join a team… Then write to prc@aegee.org and we will solve your doubts!

And if you didn’t answer ‘yes’ to any of the questions or you feel that your knowledge doesn’t fit in any team, don’t feel down. You can still join us! We will help you to get at least one answer as a ‘yes’!


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