Democracy in Practice is looking for FR and Impact Measurement Responsibles

Dear Network,

Do you want to be part of a project in AEGEE? Are you passionate about the topics of Human Rights and Democracy? Do you have experience or want to gain experience on Fundraising or Impact Measurement? Then keep reading!

In the summer of 2013 the idea of a project that should train young people’s democratic skills was born. A group of interested people has been developing the idea, until Democracy in Practice was born in June 2014. The main aim of the project is:

To raise awareness among young people about the importance of human rights as the basis of a healthy democracy, in order to promote social and political participation of young people in their local, national, and European environment.

How will this be done? Through organising training courses, workshops during statutory events, NWMs, collaborating with locals who want to organise their own thing and we are developing a toolkit with activities that can be done by locals themselves. As you can see, plenty of ideas!

The positions that are vacant right now are FR Responsible and Impact Measurement Responsible.

The team you are going to work with consist of:

Project Manager:

Lia Tuska (AEGEE-Sofia/Thessaloniki)

Content Manager:

Darine Aboulezz (AEGEE-Valletta)

Content Team:
Andrea Ugrinoska (AEGEE-Skopje)

Barbara Santibañez (AEGEE-Paris)

Danae Matakou (AEGEE-Athina)

May Lee (AEGEE-Maastricht)

Tessa Speelman (AEGEE-Utrecht)

Viola Bianchetti (AEGEE-Bologna)

Financial Managers:

Evrim Omiroglu (AEGEE-Eskisehir)

Sora Chung (AEGEE-Alicante)

Fundraising Responsible:
Noemi Lowy (AEGEE-Debrecen)

PR Responsible:

Eleonora Vitale (AEGEE-Udine)

Impact Measurement Responsible:
Zeynep Eda Alpsoy (AEGEE-Ankara)

Democrazy Responsible:

Atanas Nachkov (AEGEE-Sofia)

Underneath you can find more information about the tasks and the application procedure:

FR Responsible (2)

  • Research for grants
  • Grant applications in cooperation with the team

Impact Measurement Responsible (2)

  • Takes care of researching the impact of each training course
  • Designs and manages the surveys
  • Collects pictures, videos, articles, and other relevant outcomes from each training course/activity
  • Works on the impact part of the final booklet, where the impact of the project is presented and which can be shared with relevant stakeholders

To apply, please fill in this form before 27th of July, 23.59 CET.

Democratically yours,

Andrea, Atanas, Barbara, Danae, Darine, Eleonora Evrim, Lia, May, Noemi, Sora, Tessa, Viola and Zeynep

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