E.Q.A.C. Board 2016-2017


We are happy to intiduce you the New E.Q.A.C. team for the term 2016-2017.


unnamed_Mauro Bellani AEGEE-Bergamo

I’m Mauro from Aegee Bergamo a.k.a. “The one would sure come to the next event you’ll organize”, this is not a threat, but just becase I’ve a long list of event as participant, I’ve also something to say as Event organizer.. so I’ve lost the count but since Novembre 2012, when I join Aegee I’ve been involved in 40 events, more or less… This is my second term
in E.Q.A.C. You’d asking why I’m continuing? Easy, awesome events passionate everyone, good behavior of the organizers make it possible!




Kateryna Cherednychenko AEGEE-Moskva

Hello AEGEE family!

I joined AEGEE quite long time ago, in the begining of 2011, and for all this time AEGEE became my family. I past all the levels of AEGEE membership: participant, helper, organizer, coordinator, board member and one year ago I joined E.Q.A.C. This is my second term, with what I’m really happy, cause events are my passion. This year I will also work hard to make it as much comfortable as possible for members, organizer, locals and all AEGEE bodies. So nice to meet you and see you on some event!





Daria Shcherbyna AEGEE-Kharkiv

Hello! I am Dasha from AEGGE Kharkiv.  

I am 24, I like discovering new cultures, nationalities and interact to people. I have work experience with different people and in different fields from IT to the circus touring. I was a board member of my local and IT committe and now I want to try myself in EQAC, to know better how the AEGGE events organising mechanism works.




mariaMaria Kochkina AEGEE-Moskva

Dear AEGEEans, experienced and new, I invite you in the new term of amazing events!

I started my way in 2014 as a lazy AEGEE kid, laying at the Italian beach and finished as an organizer of one of the longest TSU ever. I know what it means “to be an organizer” and together we will try to surprise AEGEE community with new amazing events!




Nice to meet you all.

Soon we’ll undate you with local distribution.

Stay in touch!

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