Education Interest Group (new!)

Today is the Human Rights Day which I hope many of you is celebrating with materials prepared by European bodies. On this occasion, Civic Education Working Group is launching Education Interest Group.

Education is essential for Human Rights in two ways; it is not only one of the essential rights which also influences other aspects of life (for example economic welfare and health) but there is also education on Human Rights because knowledge of rights and freedoms is considered a fundamental tool to guarantee respect for the rights of all.

Both of those aspects and much more we will be discussing in this new IG. It is brought to you by Civic Education Working Group but we aim at discussing education as a whole with all its aspects; starting with the right to education, recognition of non-formal education, education policies in Europe and beyond, schools of the future and maybe we will even bring back the topic of higher education țo AEGEE. The topics depend on you and your interests! Feel free to shape the Education Interest Group with us.

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