Election Observation Mission to the Romanian Legislative Elections


AEGEE Election Observation’s 15th mission will be deployed in Romania, from 7 tot 13 December. We are looking for:

Mission Coordinators (Deadline: 2 October)
The Mission Coordinators are responsible for organising the mission. They work closely together with the Core Team. Three different positions are open: Coordinator for general management and logistics (MC1), Coordinator for outreach and visibility (MC2), and Coordinator for research (MC3). Find the Open Call here. 

Short-Term Observers (Deadline: 7 October)
A11732214576_99f81a954e_ks independent Short-Term Observer at the AEGEE Election Observation Mission to Romania, successful applicants will receive training, complete specific research assignments, and then follow the voting, counting and tabulation procedures in various locations throughout the country on the day of elections. They will further meet with local, national and international political stakeholders, civil society organisations and youth representatives in Romania during the days prior to election day. Find the open call here.

Local Coordinators (Deadline: 7 October)
To support the deployment of the AEGEE Election Observation Mission in the country, applicants residing in Romania who are familiar with the country or one of its regions, and are interested in the topics of youth participation and election observation, are invited to join the mission as Local Coordinators. Find the open call here.

For more information about the Open Calls, contact Julia Krebs at julia.krebs@aegee.org .

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