Europe on Track is back! – Open call for project team!

We are excited to kick off the preparations for the third edition of one of our most popular projects – Europe on Track – Capture the Future of Europe! – and with that to announce an open call for a members of the project team!
In 2012 and in 2014 the Europe on Track project has taken on the challenge of sending 6 travelling ambassadors all across the AEGEE network to discuss young people’s realities, their aspirations and vision for the future of Europe.
During the two editions of their 1-month journey, the ambassadors have
travelled a total of: 31 134 kms
interviewed 236 Europeans
visited 57 cities
…and had the experience of a lifetime!
Visiting you can find an extended description of the aims and objectives of the project, articles from great local AEGEE events, presentations and discussions on what AEGEEans think about participation, sustainability, mobility, the European project and its institutions – but if you want to relive the experience, the Europe on Track song and video are also a must see!
Europe on Track has won the Charlemagne Youth Prize in 2013 and became the best youth-led project of that year awarded by the European Parliament.
Do you want to be a part of continuing the success story of the project?
In 2016, the format of the project is going to take a different approach: instead of launching an open call for travellers and coordination team, we would like to ensure the long-term running of the project by issuing an open call for a project team of 8 people who would be working on the:
* Thematic framework of the project
* The route of the travellers and contact with the locals
* Public relations promotion and documentation of the trip
* Finding additional resources and funding for the project
The selection of the travelling ambassadors will be up to the project team to decide on with the support of the Comité Directeur – and the involvement of the Network is also guaranteed!
This year’s overall theme for the Europe on Track project – reflecting on contemporary challenges and being strongly aligned with AEGEE’s vision and mission:Borderless Europe – Also connecting our common activities in preparation of the AEGEE Day on April 16!
If you would like to become a member of the project team and be part of the continuation of a success story, please fill in the application form.
Deadline for submitting your applications: 5 February 23:59 CET
In case you have any questions, please feel free to write to
Looking forward to your applications and having an enthusiastic team working on the next edition of Europe on Track!

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