WE WANT YOU to empower the European Bodies of AEGEE-Europe

Are you worried about the lack of participation in the European Bodies?

Is your European body lacking members?

Do you have members but can’t figure out how to activate them?

Can’t motivate your local members to join a body and stop thinking that AEGEE is just a partouza?


The Public Relations Committee (PRC) is looking for some heroes that would like to carry out a visibility campaign for all the European Bodies, to promote their work, the importance and benefits of active participation in the international teams and bodies. Are you up for the task?

If you are creative, motivated and enthusiastic, ready to work with different European bodies, support them and carry out the campaign… WE WANT YOU!

Also, if you have good communication skills, experience in graphic design and video editing… then you can consider yourself as the perfect member for our new amazing team! Don’t have experience on those fields? Keep calm and apply anyway!

We would like to get an interdisciplinary and experienced but fresh team, as in the principal targets of this European Bodies Campaign (EBC) will be:

  • creating more visibility and bringing more general attention to the European Bodies;
  • finding new members that will actively participate in the work of the bodies;
  • make AEGEE members more aware of their work and the opportunities they offer.

An extraordinary task needs extraordinary effort, so for the campaign to be successful it is essential to have a great team and involve European bodies in the process from the very beginning, and based on the input received from them carry out the campaign on the best possible way.

Already convinced? Know somebody that could be interested? Then send us name, experience and short motivation letter to prc@aegee.org until Sunday 10th May 23:59 CET.

Do you dare to be part of this challenge? Remember that by improving our organisation we are improving ourselves!

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