Extended Open call for MyAEGEE officer

Dear Network

As you might know, AEGEE-Europe is the administrative head and executive board of the organisation, with seven members of AEGEE living and working in Brussels for one year, on different portfolio-related tasks, projects, representation and external relations, network development and many other things.

We are relaunching an open call for MyAEGEE Officer. We are looking for enthusiastic members who would like to take part in this valuable learning experience. The officer of AEGEE-Europe would be working in close cooperation with an appointed CD member. We will review the tasks assigned to the specific field of work, as well as you will get a chance to discuss with us your ideas for the development of AEGEE – given the specific period of time you would be our officer.

You can find the application form here. Deadline for applications: 8th of October

MyAEGEE Officer – Starting date: October 2017

The officer will take a leading role in the development of the new online membership system (OMS / MyAEGEE). We are looking for a project manager who would be working with the pool of developers, a steering committee composed of experienced AEGEE members. For more information: contact Fabrizio –fabrizio.bellicano@aegee.eu

Specific tasks include:

· MyAEGEE / OMS development:

· Constant communication with the developers team

· Ensuring the continuous development of the project according to the timeline

· Ensuring meeting the milestone development objectives (members module, events module)

· Support the development of the MyAEGEE framework

· Support the headoffice in other IT related tasks upon request (website, platforms)

Experience / Skills needed:

· Experience with project management with and in an international team

· Experience in the field of IT – full portfolio is welcome

· Basic knowledge on the coding languages ( php, lavarel or node.js)

· Speaking the IT language – and able to explain basic mechanisms

· Proactive attitude and willingness to work in an intense environment

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