Faces of Europe – Summer Stories

Summer is the time to widen your horizons, discover diversity and meet new friends. Have you had a great traveling experience this summer? Did you cross borders, break stereotypes, merge in a different culture? Did you discover something new about Europe, or did you change your mind about what European identity is? And most importantly, would you like to share your experience? Then take part in the competition “Faces of Europe – Summer stories”.

Summer Competition

Faces of Europe is a photoblog launched by the Your Vision for EUrope project of AEGEE-Europe that aims to show the diversity of our continent. Europe is rich of cultures, identities and traditions. Through the photoblogs we want to share and visualize the amazing stories of everyday Europeans in an up-close and personal way. Don`t hesitate to check out the current blogs here.

For the summer competition we are looking for tales about unusual trips, new experiences and unexpected encounters. We are searching for new perspectives, interpretations and viewpoints on Europe.


If you would like to participate in the summer competition then:

  • Create a photoblog of yourself or a person you met during your summertime. The photoblog should consist of a picture + a text of around 150 words which tells the story of the person portrayed. The style of the photoblog submitted should be in line with that of those published on the Facebook page of Faces of Europe. The photoblog should be original, that is neither the photo nor the text should have been published on another website or on other media already.
  • Send the photoblog to facesofeurope@aegee.org before the 28th of August.

We will publish the 15 best ones in the month of September. For questions you can contact us at facesofeurope@aegee.org.


We`re looking forward to receiving your summer stories!


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