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Are you interested in discovering AEGEE from a different perspective?

Do you want to get more involved in our work?

Meet new friends and build a better future?

Learn new skills and develop yourself?


Then, choose topics or fields of work which interests you!


Do you feel that you should act on environment ?Do you want to reduce your impact on environment? Do you want to be part of an environmental project or activity? Or just learn more about the environmental issues?


The AEGEEan is the place for the curious minds of AEGEE who are eager to know and to explain the news and stories that happen inside our organization. Do you like writing and/or photography and want to contribute to AEGEE’s official magazine? Breaking news: The AEGEEan is looking for YOU!


Are you willing to use your financial and accounting skills on AEGEE? Would you dare to get lost in tones of invoices and bills? Then join AC team for a different experience and discover that is not all about the money!


Raise awareness about the value of multilingualism, encourage and help AEGEEans to learn more foreign languages and discus issues related to language policies, minority languages and language diversity. Stay languaged with us! 😉


The commissioners practice legal consulting, debate, make collective decisions as jurors, brainstorm upon cases, which involve the implementation of adopted legal acts, control the voting process at the Agora and other related tasks. You will gain primary knowledge and experience how to advise and assist clients, learn non-governmental law as well as train international legal English.

Public Relations

Are you interested in communications, marketing and public relations? Interested in designing, passionate about photography or an enthusiastic video/film-maker?

AEGEE Network Development

You are an experienced member in AEGEE? You know quite well how an antenna works but also how the European level works? Do you want to take the next step? Do you like helping, listening, giving advice, solving problems, mediating conflicts, connecting people and fostering cooperation between antennae? Would you like to build new antennae and find strategies to make our network stronger?

International Politics

The IPWG is the meeting point for AEGEE members interested in politics in Europe and beyond. You will find discussions about international affairs where you can have your say, as well as interesting projects such as Election Observation Missions and involvement in Model United Nations or Model European Union.


Discover Europe and what it means to be European through culture. Exchange ideas, prepare projects and share your thoughts with us: movies, postcrossing, dance, books, events and festivals etc. Join CWG and discover the culture of Europe!

Conflict Mediation and Ombudsman

Help resolve conflicts in an amicable way by acting as an independent mediator. Be part of an independent organ which acts as an ombudsman for those who need it and protect the privacy of AEGEE and its members

Thematic work of AEGEE locals

Do you wish you could contribute more to the development of thematics in our organisation? If you want to work together with other bodies in AEGEE and of course with all the locals with inclusion of minorities, youth participation, and bridging Europe, and of course also the new Strategic Plan, the Action Agenda Coordination Committee is the body you’re looking for!

Exchange programs

Do you think that mobility programmes are a great thing? Do you want to contribute to make that as many students and young people as possible benefit from them?


Test your negotation skills and convince companies and universities that AEGEE is worth supporting. We are looking to build long lasting partnerships and cooperations to develop the organisation and help reach another level.

EuroArab relations

Do you believe that youth are the force that can bring positive change? If you are curious about the Arab culture and people and you would like to discover a totally new dimension of collaboration, join us! Let’s bridge the gap between Europe and the MENA region!

Human Resources

Get involved in the European level, learn how to develop new strategies on how to reach new members and how to encourage people to get more involved, help them improve their skills and  achieve their full potential!

Healthy lifestyle

Place to be for a healthy lifestyle maniac, just-starting-to-get-to-know-the-topic, curious-mind and for everyone who cares about their health and wellbeing!

Summer University

“Make an impact into the most succesful project in AEGEE’s history!  Help local organizers to create unforgettable Summer Universities by implementing personal ideas and using your own creativity. It is said that “Summertime is always the best of what might be” but you have the chance to
make it even better.”

European Parliament Elections in 2014

Interested in knowing more about the next European elections? Do you want to be directly involved on the proces? Then this is the place for you! we organize conventions, local activities, bus tours and in addition we will edit a voting guide to solve the doubts you could have. It´s up to you(th)!

Quality Assurance

Are you a good event organiser? Do you want to organise better educational events in AEGEE? Let it be a thematic SU, local conference, action days or an exchange… Help us improve the quality of events in AEGEE!

Eastern Partnership project

What does “bridging Europe” mean? In order to make link between the Eastern and the Western part of our continent we act with the objectives crucial to the development of civil society in Eastern Europe. Do not be indifferent, join us and act!

Human Rights

What does the words Human Rights means for you? What do you think when you’re seeing someone get bulled? If every time that you’re seeing someone suffer because of racism and you want to act or you want to learn more about Human Rights then you are in the right place!

Youth (un)employment

If you are interested in European policies about youth unemployment, quality of internships and jobs, entrepreneurship, mobility and non-formal education join our multicultural team; you will also have the possibility to participate at a wide range of European initiatives, debates, meetings…


Do you love non-formal education? Are you a trainer or you’ve just attended a Training for trainers? The Academy welcomes new members: fresh and not so fresh trainers, that would like to be a part of our network. You can get a mentor, that will guide you in your trainer’s path, and have access to all open calls for trainers (AEGEE events and also events from other student organizations).