Getting Involved in Events Quality Assurance Committee

Have you ever been to an AEGEE event or training that you thought would have needed a better planning, more considerate thematic content or better training facilitation?

Are you aware of the exact number of AEGEE events taking place each year and what kind of different topics and thematics are presented in each of them?

Would you like to help us in improving the quality of AEGEE events, create an easy-to-follow system of event planning and event evaluation?

Would you like to help us measure the impact of AEGEE’s work as a non-formal education platform and thus move one step further towards recognising our work as volunteers?


If your answer was ‘Yes‘ to any of these questions, join the Events Quality Assurance Committee!
You can contact s at:

But what is the E.Q.A.C. do exactly ?

Watch our introduction here and share your feedback and ideas with us!

QAC prezi