Guidelines for activities on Civic Education

Dear network, let’s get civic!
The long waited guidelines for activities related to civic education are here!
Based on your ideas and proposals at the autumn NWMs the Civic Education Working Group created some guidelines with all sort of activities you can do with your local (and other people). You can choose between very easy to organize, medium level of difficulty or  activities rather more complex to organize. Yet, you are free tot shape the activity you choose to organize as you wish. A whole range of type of activities, such as pub quiz, movie nights, workshops, debates and so on. To have a better overview we split the activities in 7 big categories: food/dinking related, tips/visits, workshops/games, fun stuff/movies, debate/lecture, charity and reaching out to people activities.
Have a look -> HERE!
For any other questions or information, just write us at or check our webpage ->
Stay civic! Stay educated!

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  • isabel romay  says:

    Hi Guys! Maria Ballesteros gave an awesome workshop on Civic education and I would love to have more details about how he prepared it, I am planning to do it during our SU

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