“High 5 School(er)s” Project


#Deadline: 5th January 2018 until 23.59 CET

#What: Looking for locals for “High 5 School(er)s” Project


Hello dear and beloved network,


Here is Civic Education hunting for locals willing to bring Civic Education to high school(er)s on its action month.


“High 5 School(er)s”


April is CEWG action month and The Civic Education Working Group is looking for hosting antennae willing to cooperate with one high school in your local where to facilitate workshops on Civic Education with the help from our experienced and qualified trainer.


The Workshop concept is developed by the social startup CUBE. Your Take on Europe (cubeyourtake.eu). CUBE has the goal of making youth participation in the EU more inclusive. Therefore, the NGO facilitates Workshops all over Europe asking youngsters: How do you want to participate? The answers and ideas, which are developed during the workshops are gathered and lobbied for at the EU institution through a big campaign targeting the European elections 2019. CUBE is looking for more facilitators, who are eager to listen to young people´s ideas and are motivated to contribute to a change in EU politics to more youth empowerment in political decision making. The founder of the young project will travel to you with a backpack full of tips and tricks to facilitate the workshop and accompany you during the process. Maybe you want to become an official CUBE trainer?


In order to participate you need:

  • A minimum of 5 people in your local available for two full days, motivated to be trained as Workshop facilitators
  • A local High school to held the Workshop in (minimum 1 class, aged 13 years and older)
  • Invite one local decision maker or politician to come to the school after the workshop and discuss with the pupils (preferably in English!).
  • Host CEWG trainer during the two days.


What you will get:

  • 2 full days of training: one Training day for local organizers and one action day where trained local organizers will facilitate the workshop in their local High school with support of CEWG
  • Full support and an English guideline toolkit beforehand containing all timelines, to do lists, documents, invitations, and email templates you will need in order to organize “High 5 school(er)s”
  • Acquire/deepen training and facilitation skills following non-formal education, moderation skills and organizational skills suitable for all your future events
  • Planting seeds for cooperation with local high school and local politics.
  • Loads of fun and possibility to do it again at another school without our helping hand because we know you can do it!!!


Please fill the following form to APPLY!


***Please remember that our trainer from CUBE will travel with Interrail so please check here before applying if your city is reachable. In case you are not covered by Interrail, DO NOT DESPAIR! We are always looking for cool antennae hosting amazing projects and events, so just write us an email.***


Deadline to apply is 5th January 2018 until 23.59 CET. In case of any questions do not hesitate to contact us at cewg@aegee.org

Until then,

Stay Civic, stay Educated!


Europeanly yours,


Joanna, Julia, Doro(thea), Fran(cisco), Sonia, Julian, Saramijn

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