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Dear Network,
In before Autumn Agora Catania, we would like to publish the follow documents and updates about the state of the work of the Audit Commission of AEGEE-Europe.

  • Aside from the mentioned point number 20, the Updated Working Plan we published on July 17th, 2017 – has been fully achieved;
  • Minding this, we would like to announce the publication of the following documents:
    1. The Fiscal Law Database (CLICK TO DOWNLOAD) – a document enlisting all the legal and fiscal provisions locals gave us. It has to be improved a lot, but here is our first version we were able to gather and present;
    2. The new Financial Report Template (CLICK TO DOWNLOAD) – the new template where you can go putting in, your locals’ data, only when the Financial Report season will be open (so from January 2018, further details will be announced in the next weeks/months). This years’ Financial Report has been improved with the inputs coming from the 2017 season of Financial Reports, with way more hints and check-points telling you if you input a wrong data or not and with more sections to make your life easier;
    3. The new Financial Report Toolkit (CLICK TO DOWNLOAD) – the new 27 pages toolkit explaining you how to make a perfect Financial Report without having no issues.
    4. The updated Podio App for Financial Reports (CLICK TO DOWNLOAD) – the app you would need to use to send the report. Luckily this year you won’t have issues to thinking to send it to the very outdated previous version based on Intranet;
    5. The InterTemporal Register / ITR (CLICK TO DOWNLOAD) – a 3 years branch-analysis for the finances of 40 locals, highlighting the average status and behaviors held by different types of locals on a 3 years basis. It’s a very important document we recommend you to read and analyze, as it contains interesting features of how AEGEE locals averagely financially behave on a mid-run perspective.
      The data published in the ITR are on statistical basis without any direct link to any local of the network, and have been approved by CD as well;
    6. And last but not least…your local can start asking us via mail (, your local’s previous Financial Reports of the last 3 reported Financial Years (so 2014/15/16), as we adjusted and created a locals’ folder system (in before it – due to the old Intranet file – we had these big endless lists containing all the locals, and believe us, anytime locals asked us for a Financial Report or a series of those, it always was a mess).


And well, this is it.
We do hope that you would have appreciated our work as we are also up for any clarification in our channels:


Financially Yours,



Audit Commission’s Elected Team
Agora Enschede – Agora Catania


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