Job Shadowers of the Chair Team for the Autumn Agora Catania

# Deadline: 23rd of July
# How to apply: send application to

As you are all familiar, Agora Catania is coming soon, and the Chair Team has it’s hands full of work. However, maintaining all of the work by ourselves in Catania, is almost impossible, because we are fixed with our places on the stage. That is why we are issuing this Open Call for Chair Team Job Shadowers for the upcoming Agora in Catania!

As a Job Shadower:
– you will have a look behind the scenes on how the agenda is drafted, the workshops and progress meetings are selected, Prytania are prepared and what else there is to prepare a statutory event in AEGEE;
– you will be subscribed to the relevant mailing list and be able to follow all communication;
– you will also be welcome to join us during all upcoming meetings we will have for the preparation of the Agora;
– you will help the Chair Team carrying out relevant activities;
– during the Agora itself you will help us with managing the question lines, chairing prytania and helping Secretary of the Agora with minutes if needed.

If possible you can join us during the Chair Meeting in Brussels from 26th until 29th of August (unfortunately, no reimbursement will be available).

If you apply for the position for Job Shadower, make sure you have also applied for the Agora before this deadline.

Please note: your position will only last for the upcoming Agora in Catania

How to apply?

If you are interested, send us your application to and tell us:
– What is your motivation?
– What is your experience in AEGEE so far?
– Mention if you have been to an Agora before, to how many, and if you were visitor/envoy/delegate then;
– Mention if you will be a visitor/envoy/delegate during Agora Catania.
(Keep in mind that as a Job Shadower you may chair a prytanium, and you will not be able to vote during the Prytania are chairing in case you will be a delegate.)
– What is your task-related experience?
– Are you planning to run as Chairperson/Vice-Chairperson of the Agora in Catania?

Deadline for application is 23rd of July 23:59 (CEST).
Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

The Chair Team reserves the right not to select any applications in case they do not meet our requirements.

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