Join the Action Month Taskforce of the Equal Rights Working Group

Are you interested in the Equal Rights Focus Area and? Would you like to gather experience 
in project and event management in an international team? Do you have some free time 
between February and June? Then this is the Open Call for you! 
May will be the Equal Rights Action Month, a month full of activities, initiatives, campaigns 
and actions aiming at fighting discrimination and promoting equality. The aim of this month is 
Inform AEGEEans (and not only them) about issues related to Equal Rights. 
Educate AEGEEans (and not only them) to be multipliers of good practices in the 
field of Equal Rights. 
Motivate and empower locals to organize Equal Rights activities. 
This goal can be achieved in many different ways: you can organize an online campaign, 
create flash-mobs or small initiatives to raise awareness about Equal Rights, make 
interviews or informative articles, organize a series of events throughout the Network 
connected to Equal Rights… but these are just some ideas. It is up to YOU to decide what 
this month will look like! 
As part of the Action Month Taskforce you will: 
Use your creativity and make the Equal Rights Action Month into YOUR OWN 
Be in contact with one member of the ERWG, who will supervise your work and offer 
help if needed. 
Improve your skills in project and event management, communication and PR, 
teamwork and planning. 
Work in close cooperation with the Network for the promotion of the Action Month. 
Help to make AEGEE more equal. 
The weekly amount of time required for these tasks is 5-10 hours and the Taskforce will work 
mainly between February and June. 
If you are interested, fill in this form by the 22nd of January 

One comment to Join the Action Month Taskforce of the Equal Rights Working Group

  • Maria Pia Napoletano  says:

    I am interested in actively taking part in the Action Month, because of my interest in the topic and my will of bringing it in my community.

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