Join the Online Campaign Taskforce of the Equal Rights Working Group!

Are you interested in the Equal Rights Focus Area? Would you like to gather experience in 
project management and online communication in an international team? Do you want to 
fight discrimination inside and outside AEGEE? Then this is the Open Call for you! 
The Equal Rights Working Group wants to launch an online campaign to raise awareness 
about discrimination in Europe. This should be achieved by sharing personal stories, either 
of victims, witnesses or persons who successfully overcame or fought discrimination. 
Besides this very broad outlines, the Working Group desires to leave as much freedom as 
possible to the Taskforce in charge of the campaign. A member of the Working Group will 
supervise the work of the Taskforce and provide support, help and resources. 
As part of the Personal Stories Taskforce you will: 
Use your creativity. 
Improve your skills in project management, communication and PR, teamwork and 
Help to tackle discrimination inside and outside AEGEE. 
We wish the online campaign to continue also after the term of the Working Group as an 
autonomous project, but this is up to the team itself. The amount of hours required per week 
should be around 3-5 hours. 
If you are interested, fill in this form by the 22nd of January. 
If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 
Looking forward to receiving your applications!

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