#JointhePRCside – Creative kids WANTED!

‘’Hello from the PRC Side

I’d like to see no bad design,

And no bad logos,

or horrible post

and help you through all the work you’re on’’



If you’d like to sing louder than Adele this lyrics, you’re the ONE we’re searching for.

OK, but now stop singing, please. We know you are.

Are you still singing? We already love you, continue below!


Join our mission: making AEGEE more social, more cool, more awesome, more whateveryoulike but #VIfriendly!

The infamous #PRfreaks and #VIfreaks are waiting you in the coolest band of the block (we’re not the coolest kid anymore, we grew up, or maybe we don’t).


BTW, here are the task force team you could join:


  • Social Media Team – People that have serious addiction to Social Media
  • Visual Identity Team – the infamous #VIfreaks, they love Visual Identity, and want the people to love it as well and understand that life with VI is easier
  • Design Team – the artists crew that make logos that rock the internet


Join us, fill this link: https://goo.gl/forms/yj431pfUfWUniBMf2

If you have any question or doubt, write to prc@aegee.org



One comment to #JointhePRCside – Creative kids WANTED!

  • Fred  says:

    I should join the Design Team.

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