New CIA v.26.1

Dear AEGEEans,

We are proud to present you the Corpus Iudiricum Aeegense (CIA) edition 26.1. In this updated publication are included all the
modifications approved by the Autumn Agora Kyiv 2015 and all the latest internal rules of the organs of the Association. Moreover, there are some new changes.

Firstly, the CIA is now divided in two documents. In the first document, CIA_General Rules_v26.1, you can find the Statutes of AEGEE-Europe and the organizational rules. The second document, CIA_Working Formats Compilation_v26.1, is a compilation of the working formats that are not approved by the Agora. You can find detailed information about both documents in their Short Guides. We believe that this new format will improve considerably the consultation of the text and will make us able to ensure a faster publication of the General Rules.

Secondly, there is a short overview of the structure of AEGEE at the beginning of the CIA. This will help everybody to better understand how our association is organized.

Thirdly, the layout and font of the text is now in accordance with the Visual Identity of AEGEE.

This CIA edition reflects the effort made by those AEGEEans who strived for a change. To those members we address our warmest gratitude.

We wish you a bright 2016!

Legally yours,

Claudio, Salvatore, Glòria

Juridical Commission

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