Online Consultation Week with the CD-elect

Hello AEGEEans!

This is your new friendly-elect Comité Directeur speaking – freshly elected during Agora Enschede. Despite having just been elected, we’re on the important matters already; even though we will start our term on the 1st of August.

Our term will start with the drafting of our Activity Plan. As this document sets out the direction of our work during the rest of the year, we would like to also consider your opinion while drafting it. Your opinion matters, because AEGEE is YOU!

In order to gather your input, we are planning four consultation sessions during the month of June, that are open for both members of European Bodies and regular members of the network. The consultation sessions concern four broad topics that we consider important for our network:

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Tuesday 20-06, 20:00 CEST: (Online) Democracy in AEGEE: 

How can we get more out of our Agora?

Should it be possible to make more decisions outside regular Agora procedures?

How can we foster contentful online discussions?

How do we put Agora Enschede’s motion on online decision making into practice?


Wednesday 21-06, 20:00 CEST: AEGEE Identity

What is AEGEE, and how can you explain what AEGEE is to others?

Is AEGEE ‘too many things’, or do we just have trouble selling ‘diversity’?

Are we more than Summer Universities?

If we want to send a simpler message, what information do we exclude?

How do you envision the role of the CD in revising our identity?


Thursday 22-06, 20:00 CEST: Network of Locals:

How can AEGEE-Europe support its locals?

How can we provide proper internal education for our members?

How do we motivate people to take part in our association?


Friday 23-06, 20:00 CEST: Impact + Planning in AEGEE:

How does AEGEE have an impact on society?

What are the strong and weak points of our current planning system?

Does the drafting process of the Action Agenda fit with the character of our organisation?

Should we prioritise working groups over interest groups?


If you are a newbie in AEGEE, you may be thinking that this is not your place – either because you are “too new” or because you may be afraid of speaking to more experienced members. FEAR NOT! We need fresh ideas and point of views, we need all your ideas, and we need some “beginner’s luck”: In order for everyone to feel free to speak their minds, the consultations will take place on a medium that allows anonymous participation. We hope this will avoid biases and increase idea sharing.


The details on the type of platform that we plan to use, will follow later. For now, just block the dates in your agenda. If you are not able to join a meeting, we will make sure that you can still participate in the discussion online.


We hoop to see you soon!

The CD-elect

Adonis, Fabrizio, Florian, Loes, María, Marco, Teresa

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