Open Call ++ AEGEE Inspire & Future of AEGEE


Dear AEGEEans

With this email, we would like to provide you with more information regarding the

“AEGEE Inspire & Where does AEGEE go?” slot during Spring Agora Enschede 2017 taking place on Saturday between 15:00 – 16:30

What is ‘AEGEE Inspire’?

AEGEE Inspire is a TED-like event, a platform for AEGEEans to share their ideas and motivation with the rest of the participants. It is an opportunity for participants to challenge their public speaking skills and inspire other participants. Each speaker will have a limited amount of time to share with the other participants anything that can be inspiring.

This year, the theme of the AEGEE Inspire is going to be:
Best of AEGEE: Locals’ Projects” – Successful projects of AEGEE antennae.

We are looking for presentations from locals who would like to show the AEGEE Network something that is successful and/or special about their antenna. One presenter from your local will have 6 minutes on stage and the chance to show the network an amazing activity or project, how it helps your local’s brand in the city and inspire the other antennae!

What is ‘Where does AEGEE go?’ about?

One hears frequent complaints about the fact that the ‘bigger questions in AEGEE’ are not sufficiently tackled during the Agora. The second part of this slot is intended to do just that: What is AEGEE, first and foremost? Is it a political movement? Is it a student association? Is it a network of cities? Is it a space for learning? Is it a forum for discussion? We will give the space to you, AEGEEans, to share your visions on AEGEE, and to explain whether you believe AEGEE is heading in the right direction or not. We will have speeches of 3-7 minutes (exact duration to be communicated later to selected participants), and afterwards we hope to have some time left for open discussion.


You can submit your applications via the following form.

Deadline for applications: 21st May 23:59 – Selection results: 22nd May

In case you have questions, you can reach us at

Looking forward to your applications and seeing many of you on stage at the Agora!

Europeanly yours,

Joanna, Kasia, Lia, Maarten, Réka, Tekla, Zvonimir

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