OPEN CALL – Eastern Partnership Project 2 is looking for you a bit longer!

We’d like to remind that Eastern Partnership Project 2 is still looking for you!

The application deadline has been extended to your very advantage and now you’re able to do so up till December 6th, 23:59 CET!

Eastern Partnership Project 2

EaP2 values are based on belief that this initiative is an important element of AEGEE’s mission of bridging EuropeIn order to make link between the Eastern and the Western part of our continent we decided to act with the objectives crucial to the development of civil society in the Eastern Europe.

Therefore, EaP2 aims 
to promote the idea of active citizenship and raise awareness of its importance:


1. by shaping political culture based on amicable cooperation with European youth

2. by increasing youth participation in non-governmental sector

3. by empowering the youth via obtaining them with knowledge and tools regarding citizens’ right.


However, the aims’ list can still be modified. If you are willing to share your fresh ideas and contribute to the final form of the project, you are welcome to join us! 


Who are we currently searching for?:


Impact Measurement Manager who will:

carry out long-term tasks

analyse stakeholders

measure actions’ outcomes

verify the impact EaP2 actions have

prepare reports


Fundraising Manager who will

research on funding possibilities

write grant applications (in cooperation with corresponding Content Manager and Financial Manager)


Public Relations Manager and his/her subteam (PR Graphics Responsible and PR Supporter) who will

work on the PR package (logo, posters, stickers, flag, leaflets)

be responsible for external promotion (in cooperation with Project Manager)

prepare promotion movies, presentations

manage the website content (in cooperation with Research team)

stays in touch with AEGEE media

be responsible for the AGORA Fair preparations

manage project’s PR database (photos, movies)


Research Team members who will

do research on requested topics

publish results of work on EaP2 webpage and other platforms

support Content Managers in developing content


If you feel perfectly suit our project, you have the motivation and time availability, please send your application to with the following details:

1. Name + Surname.

2. Antenna.

3. AEGEE experience.

4. Experience related to the EaP topic.

5. Short motivation (2-3 phrases).

6. Position you are willing to apply for. (your choice will help us during the selection process, in case you won’t get the position you’ve applied for, you’ll be probably offered the place as a team member)



Easternly and Europeanly yours,
Eastern Partnership Project 2 crew!