OPEN CALL – Eastern Partnership Project 2016 – 2018

Dear AEGEEans,

we are happy to announce an OPEN CALL for the AEGEE Eastern Partnership Project 2016 – 2018!

Are you passionate about Eastern Europe? Are you interested in EU-Russia relations, conflict in Ukraine, frozen conflicts and reform processes in Eastern Europe? Are you a young, motivated entrepreneur who wants to make a change?

If you answered YES to any of these questions ‘ then it is time for you to join our team!




We believe

In making a difference in lives of people that need it most.
In the importance of the project as the element of AEGEE’s mission of bridging Europe.
In the development of civil society in the Eastern Europe.
In the vital role of Eastern Europe in the foreign relations of the EU.

We want

To promote the idea of active citizenship and raise awareness of its importance
To shape political culture based on amicable cooperation with European youth
To increase youth participation in non-governmental sector.
To empower the youth via obtaining them with knowledge and tools regarding citizen’s’ rights.
To organize a conference in one of the most engaged EaP countries before the end of the year.


Who are we currently searching for?

Content Manager who will manage the accordance of any AEGEE EaP action with project’s aims and objectives; and provide project team members with adequate content package.

Financial Manager who will dispose of project’s funds, prepare the budget part for all documents (where required), prepare regular financial reports.

IT Manager who will maintain project’s website, improve website’s look, work on project’s media in accordance with the Visual Identity.

Impact Measurement Manager who will carry out long-term tasks, analyse stakeholders, measure actions’ outcomes, verify the impact AEGEE EaP actions have.

Fundraising Manager who will research on funding possibilities, write grant applications (in cooperation with corresponding Content Manager and Financial Manager).

Public Relations Manager and his/her subteam (PR Graphics Responsible and PR Supporter) who will work on the PR package (logo, posters, stickers, flag, leaflets), be responsible for external promotion (in cooperation with Project Manager), prepare promotion movies, presentations, manage the website content (in cooperation with Research team), stay in touch with AEGEE media, be responsible for the AGORA Fair preparations, manage project’s PR database (photos, movies).

Research Team members who will research on requested topics, publish results of work on AEGEE EaP webpage and other platforms, support Content Managers in developing content.


If you are willing to share your fresh ideas and contribute to the new form of the project and have the motivation and time availability, please send your APPLICATION by June 7th, 23:59 CET!

We are looking forward to receiving your applications!

Easternly and Europeanly yours,
AEGEE Eastern Partnership Project

PS. Should you have any questions, please send them to Alex (


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