Open Call for articles for “Key to Europe”




Dear AEGEEans,


On behalf of the Key to Europe Team, we would like to ask for your help!


First of all… What Key to Europe is? Key to Europe is the annual review of AEGEE. Everything important, remarkable… should appear here! It’s really important to have an overview about the previous years also, you can check here previous editions of Key To Europe.


Why you should apply to appear in the Key to Europe? Because we want YOUR stories, YOUR events, everything that YOU think is remarkable to be here! Anything that you want all the AEGEEans know, share it with us!!


Would you like to share the amazing events that your local organized? Or maybe, would you like to share the amazing activities that the European Bodies did? Share it with us filling this form!

Deadline: 20.06.2017

You can choose, you can write your own article, because your skills are perfect for this and you have everything in your mind, or, you can share your ideas, and ask us to write it for you!


We will try to take into account all your opinions and suggestions to make this Key To Europe amazing!


Let’s show the world how amazing we are!


Alejandra Piot – Editor-In-Chief Key To Europe 2016-2017

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