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Are you passionate about Civic Education, especially about the Sustainable Development Goals and debating? Would you like to improve your skills by working in an international team, collaborate with many locals and European Bodies in order to organize events and activities connected to the focus are of civic education? Then you are the person we are looking for!

What is a Working Group?

The Working Group makes sure that the Action Agenda for the focus area of Civic Education gets implemented. This means organizing activities on its own (e.g. conferences, trainings, online actions), promoting the focus area (via Facebook, newsletter, and through workshops at statutory events and NWMs) and supporting locals in organizing activities related to the focus area (e.g. providing ideas for content).

To know more about the Working Groups, see the section “Working Group Rules” in the CIA.

The Focus Area of Civic Education has the aim to promote civic education by increasing the civic competences of young people and by putting civic education on the political agenda.

More concretely, in the year 2018-2019, the Working Group will work with the Action Agenda objectives which are the following:
1. Facilitate 30 activities in high schools on Civic Education.
2. Carry out at least 30 activities to promote the Sustainable Development Goals.
3. Organize at least 20 activities aimed at developing debating skills.

Besides the objectives, the Working Group members are also free to work on other projects in- and outside of AEGEE that can support the work of our association in this focus area.

Activity Plan

Here you can find the Activity Plan of the Civic Education Working Group 2018/2019.

The Activity Plan was drafted in August, and approved by the Agora, and we have already started to work on many activities and most of the tasks were divided. So we are especially looking for people that are interested in taking over the below tasks. Tasks will be partly redistributed, but keep these in mind as the tasks that we still need to find someone for.

The tasks are:
– preparing and promoting a Sustainable Development Challenge
– working on guidelines for debating events for Erasmus students
– working on a debating competition on sustainability
– preparing activities for locals for the Civic Education Action Month
– developing of new workshop materials
– conference on the role of Europe in sustainable development – supporting the content manager team

Tasks and requirements

As a Working Group member, you will:
– Work together in an international team (mostly online)
– Spend 5 – 10 hours a week on average on your tasks
– Collaborate with and support locals and European bodies with the implementation of the objectives for the focus area
– Raise awareness of the Focus Area within the Network
– Dare to think outside of the box of ways to enhance civic education in- and outside of AEGEE
– Learning many new things about civic education and developing your skills such as project management, event management, delivering workshops, social media management, external representation and much more. :)

– Basic understanding of the AEGEE environment, what is a Strategic Plan, Action Agenda and Focus areas
– Interest and knowledge in civic education
– Open-minded and proactive attitude
– 5-10 hours per week
– Good command of English

How to apply?

By filling this form.

Remember, the Application deadline is 03.12.2018 23:59 CET.

Do you have questions? Feel free to contact the coordinator of the Civic Education Working Group, Julia Hanesz at


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