Open Call for cooperation between locals and Equal Rights Working Group in a SU

Banner SUDear AEGEEans,

The time to start organizing SU for next summer has come! If you and your local are interested in Equal Rights, in fighting against discrimination and in enhancing equality; if you want to make a thematic and valuable SU; if you want to offer your participants a different experience, where fun and learning really go together, pay attention to this open call.


Do you also think that AEGEE is still an organization for privileged people? Do you want to make it friendlier for non-privileged? Do you want to organize a SU where disabled can participate or learn how to prevent sexual harassment at events? Then APPLY for organizing a SU in cooperation with the Equal Rights Working Group !


To be more specific, Equal Rights tackles discrimination based on gender identity, expression and sexual orientation, but also any other forms of discrimination (e.g. based on class, race, religion, nationality, disability) as they intersect and overlap with others (intersectionality).


While you as organizing local would be in charge of taking care of the logistics of the event, the Equal Rights Working Group would be responsible for the content part, but the hosting local can propose a topic and can contribute in content development, if you wish to do so.


Specifically the Working Group will:

  • take care of all the content for the SU (at least 10 hours per week)

  • provide trainers and help the hosting antenna in contacting relevant local organizations and speakers

  • manage the PR of the event (in cooperation with the local)

  • select the participants (in cooperation with the local)


Regarding the possible activities, we would like not to be limited to workshops about theoretical information on Equal Rights, but also to do interactive activities which involve the participation of the attendants of the SU, like:

  • Gender in the blender party

  • Excursions

  • Movies + debate

  • Role play game

  • Interviews

  • Experiments

And much more…


If you want to be the amazing local which will cooperate with Equal Rights Working Group and have your SU full of content and impact, APPLY via this form before 20th December.


If you have any questions or doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us at

We are looking forward to receiving your applications!

The Equal Rights Working Group.

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